Awesome teachers at Columbus Spanish, they are very friendly and patient. I like how the class sizes are small and they will work with you one on one.
Shaun Smart (Beginner Student)

My conversation class with David has been a wonderful experience! I came to him with a decent foundation in Spanish, hoping to develop my speaking and writing abilities. Now, almost a year later, I’ve improved immensely! I especially noticed a difference during a recent trip to Spain.

David’s classes are tailor-made for his students and their individual goals. We discuss current events, culture, idiomatic expressions, grammar, and more. Not only that, but he and Adriana are lovely people— easy-going, generous, and warm. I would recommend them to anyone!

Julie Frazier (Corversation Student)

The parents and students in my family childcare setting love what we call, “Spanish Fridays!”. Mrs. Adrianna is creative, prepared, and very patient and kind toward the children!! She knows just how to keep them all engaged!

Shauna Joy (The Joy of Early Learning Director)

Best class ever! David takes the time to teach you and not rush you. I would highly recommend this class. I go 2 times a week and I am learning so much.

Brian Horn (Intermediate Student)

Learning Spanish with David is a very positive experience. He's extremely flexible with his scheduling, and he's very accommodating. A very patient teacher, David makes it obvious that he loves what he does! As an older student who hasn't taken a foreign language class since high school, I was a little nervous my first lesson, not knowing what to expect. But with David's relaxed way of teaching I was able to quickly relax and focus on learning. David is an exceptional teacher and I totally recommend taking lessons with him.

Jason Chapman (Beginner Student)

I am loving my Columbus Spanish classes with David! I am part of a small class of students and I cannot imagine us having a better teacher. His passion for language shines through his teaching and his in-depth knowledge of both Spanish and English set him apart from other teachers that I have known. The activities are always appropriate for the needs of the class and I have learned so much in my time here. I highly recommend!

Katie Rehm (Intermediate Student)

The team at Columbus Spanish were absolutely fantastic. They made learning Spanish a lot of fun. I would highly recommend classes to any business professional. It has helped me time and time again.

​Teachers that truly care and tailor their lesson plans to your interests. Highly recommend!

Caitlin and Matthew Santill (Former Students)

My 3 children are loving it! Adriana is enthusiastic to teach Spanish and very engaging. Classes are dimensional - speaking, writing, videos, crafts, etc - giving my kids every opportunity to learn and digest the language. My kids are already learning so much! Would definitely recommend!

Dayna Larsen (Preschoolers Parent)

David and Adrianna are excellent teachers. They bring experience and karisma into the classroom. I have been learning at a quick pace and feel fortunate to have found them. I'm learning more and am grasping the language learning process now more than ever.

Jesse Henry (Conversation Student)

I have loved taking Spanish lessons with David and Adrianna ! He’s a fantastic teacher, patient and makes learning fun. I look forward to continuing my practice and gaining more confidence in speaking the language. Thanks David and Adrianna!

Heather Minor (Beginner student)


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